Together, our competency is backed by the intensity of morality, reliability and responsibility. We always ensure that the products are not only ecological and of high quality, but are also manufactured in socially compatible circumstances, to deliver our customers with quality products, so that we can guarantee high-quality services across the board.

Our ethical business strategies and moral social standards have won us many laurels

Here is a library of our certificates

ISO 9001:2015

Recognized and Certified for the quality management systems, we demonstrate the consistency of our products that meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. Also made sure to the ultimate customer satisfaction and assurance over our products and services.


We take the pride of our accrual in the aspect of being certified for our production facilities along with our social responsibility. We are committed with the responsible business practices and with ethical standards.


We proudly imply that we are a SEDEX member, contributing to drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in the global supply chain. We strive to propel collaboration and boost up productivity.


We have been accredited with this global award for managing the workplace and the human rights appropriately, with an intention towards improved working conditions. We always guarantee a safe and healthy environment with high respect for the right of our workers.


Certified with the renowned organization for the various textile processing stages, with the Global Organic Textile Standard for the use of organic materials.


The symbol of importance that demonstrates the choice of the product which suits the environment. It is known for the Nordic countries each of which has an Eco labelling and provides to meet the expectations fulfilling various criteria.