Value-Added Services

Enhancing the appearance – Carrying out varieties of customer-centered fashionable services


One of our potency is that we carry out many varieties of fashionable embroideries as per the customer specification. K M Knitwear employs computerized embroidery machines to set new trends with its own Punching, Designing, Appliqué Cutting and Roll Fusing process. As a fore-runner in the industry, with a history of experience, we set innovative and unique designs.

Machine Description

BARUDAN - JAPAN Multi Head Embroidery Machines - 7 Nos (128 heads) with a capacity of 3 million stitches/day VIABLE - USA Applique cutting machine. PROEL - ITALY Applique cutting machine. FULON TECH - KOREA Roll fusing Machine (64'' width) with a capacity of 10,000 meters/day.

Screen Printing

Our printing division imparts colored designs to the cotton fabrics, printing intricate designs and elaborate shadings with various effects. We can accomplish a potential of 10,000 pcs/day. Making use of azo-free dyes and chemicals, we employ Plastitol, Glitter, Pigment, High Density, Non PVC, Foil and Flocking for creative and eye-catching designs.

Machine Description

Ramsons - 1.5 tons/day Eight color printing machine - 7 Nos Twelve color printing machine - 2 Nos Flock printing machine - 1 No Fusing machine - 12 Nos