We encompass more than thousand machineries and seven sophisticated units to manufacture outer and inner garments. With a monthly production potential of one million pieces, we renovate the fabrics into garments with most care and concern. At each stage of the production process, we concentrate on the quality and the finish of the garments.

Creation of clothing – Cutting-edge technology combined with innovative ideas


With our automated facilities, the marked layout is sent to a controlled cutting machine, and the quality experts monitor the cutting process, thus housing a perfect transition of Automation to Manual Expertise. This combination speeds up production and enables us to produce more than a million garments every month.

Machine Description

Investronica Auto Cutters with CAD and PLOTTERS - SPAIN Band Knife Cutting Machine Straight Knife Cutting Machine


Our sewing process is accompanied with world-class sewing machines that assemble the cut clothes to produce the finished garment. The diverse specialization of the operators enables an easy clear-cut finishing and this efficiency provides a solid shape to the ideas ending up with master piece garments.

Machine Description

Over Lock machine - Pegasus / Yamoto / Siruba OL Elastic attachment machine - Siruba Flat Lock machine - Pegasus Single Lock stitch machine - Juki Picoting machine - Kansai Bar tack machine - Juki Button holing machine - Juki Buttoning machine - Juki