Producing good quality of Fabric – Processing integrated with best-in-class machineries


Jeyavishnu Tex Processors Private Limited, our dyeing unit is integrated with the best-in-class Air-Flow Technology machineries giving exceptional fastness and shade-matching. We employ azo-free, environmental friendly dyes and chemicals and treat all the effluents rightly before discharge. Our modern computerized laboratory supports the qualified chemists to take care of the color accuracy. Our division is inbuilt with a production capacity of 20 tons/day.

Padding & Drying

Offering fabric of high quality and efficiency is our core idea and we undertake ultra padding methods and process, thus ensuring that the fabric is devoid of folds and wrinkles. Superior quality grade mechanism is used in entire process, so that final output does not have any flaw. Then the fabric is processed through the dryer to remove off the dampness thoroughly. This automated drying process speeds up our production process. All the essential criteria such as temperature, humidity and drying time are carefully controlled over.


The knitted fabric is compacted with modern machineries without compromising the soft texture and the quality of the fabric. Removing crease and tension marks, the fabric shrinkage is arrested at this stage. With a capacity of 20 tons/day, we support perfect and delicate finishing with a touch of perfection.

Machine Description

THEN Synergy - GERMANY, Air flow dyeing machines with integrated dye-house management system and dyes & chemical dispensing system. Santex Santa Stretch - SWITZERLAND Santex Santa Shrink – SWITZERLAND Santex Dryer - SWITZERLAND Datacolor, color matching system - USA Salce Laboratory Dispenser - ITALY Mathis Lab Dyeing machines – SWITZERLAND TUBETEX - USA (Tubular) LAFER- ITALY (open-width & Tubular)