With latest imported knitting machines and paramount precision, we produce uniform, high quality and comfort fabrics in diverse texture and GSM. We knit different types of fabrics such as Interlock, Rib, Jersey, Airtex, Honey Comb, Lycra Jersey, Fleece and Mini Jacquards in various structures and patterns. Our production capacity counts to 6 tons/day.

Turning yarn into cloth – Casting care and maintenance from the first stitch of knitting

Machine Description

FALMAC - Interlock & Rib - 24 to 36 Dia Ø - 12 Machines SMART - Single Jersey - 18 to 34 Dia Ø - 10 Machines Pointelle Rib wheel Jacquard - 30 Dia Ø - 1 Machine Pointelle Rib wheel Jacquard - 36 Dia Ø - 1 Machine